Why Wednesday

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chrissy's Why's

why we lettin the blog fall to the wayside again

why its cause of work

why dat shit is overrated

why lately my job and the people @ my job been irking my nerves

why i dont really even have any nerves left

why they not even being original in hollyweird no more as far as scary movies go, all they doin is remaking old shit

why this lady here @ work was askin me how to setup a blog and i told as well as showed her what to do, but u cant pull her shit up when searching for it

why she think imma blog expert iono

why it STAY cold in my lobby

why am i still thirsty

why imma cop me another cold drank

why i sent bammy an e-mail asking her if she wanted to why with me this morning and she aint got back with me yet

why she betta get back with me by the time i am done why'n

why the last season of nip/tuck is so disapointing

why i feel like we nip/tuck fans aint gon get a nice good clean fresh ending

why dats gon piss me off

why my haircut cute

why the only thang wrong with it is the fact that its too cold to be rocking a short cut right now

why this lady keep offering me homemade chicken soup

why its orange

why i have no clue what homemade chicken soup look like, but that shit in the can aint orange so why is her shit orange

why i read on people.com that gary busey just had a baby boy with some chick

why i wanna know what female would sleep with gary busey and let him buss one in her to make a baby

why bammy just got back to me and said she aint wanna post no why's

why imma post my sad n lonely why's all alone then


Bahama said...

Why am I gonna cyber beat Chrissy?

Why I couldn't think of any why's when she asked me if I wanted to post any cause of stupid work?

Why her why's don't look sad and lonely?

Why I agree with most of her why's tho?

Why I just stopped watching Nippy Tuck all together?

Why we are letting the blog fall off.....again?

Why Hollywood needs a burst of creativeness?

Why I think they should hire me and Chrissy?

Why we hella creative?

Why ima say eff work and post why's?

HotSauce!! said...

why i just come on to this blog today, like 5 min ago and didn't see anything

Why i miss chrissy so much

why i wonder why chrissy don't got a twitter

why i love why wednesdays

why i haven't opened my computer program for work yet

why am i obsessed with twitter so bad, i want to go back to twitter and tell them im why'n with chrissy and bammy

why ya'll making me want to start my blog again today

why i don't have no motivation to do the MAN's work

why my bra cutting off hald my booby

why i think this might not by my bra

why i don't know who's bra this is for

why im hungry and refusing to eat this blueberry muffin

why i feel like i can go on asking why's all motherfucking day and not stop

why im forcing myself to stop why'n

why im *sighing*

Bahama said...

Why I'm trying to think of some why's but I'm drawing a blank?

Why is thinking over damn rated?

Why is Kobe Bryant the best damn player in the NBA?

why the receptionist got fired the other day?

Why I lent her one of my fave books and the scallywag won't answer my text asking when ima get my book back?

Why this aint gone end well?

Why the name of the book is God don't like Ugly?

Why it's gone get real ugly if she don't give me back my damn book?

Bahama said...

Why I lurve Hotsauce in the most non lesbian way?

Why she should start her blog back up?

Why I wished would use her damn twitter account?

Why matterofact, I wish her job wasn't so damn evil and would stop blocking shit?

Why I can't even really talk, cause my job blocks my whole damn innanet for like hours outta the day?

Why I can't draw a straight line if you paid me?

Why I wish mofo's would stop calling my cell?

Why this one dude came on the phone the other talking "where you at" sounding all demanding and shit?

Why I was like did I get married and someone forgot to tell me?

Why he had a sessay voice tho?

HotSauce!! said...

Why you in love with a stalker with an aggressive stalker voice.

why this white girl that work with my sister, annying as hell and wonder why she ain't got no friends

why im eating a day ol muffin that i just shared with my sister and i want to ask her for it back

why on my screen tiger woods sitting there looking at me, with his bare back ass

why i would marry him if he was into black woman, cause i lovesssss money

why i don't want to be at work right now

why i never want to be at work

bshepjr said...

why shug got a big booty and aint tell me?

why she posting it all willy nilly on twitter for her twitter menzzzzz?

why i aint talk to gee in forever?

why am i why'ing? :-/

bshepjr said...

why i touched this gull booty at the gym today?

why i been wanting to do that shit for a long ass time?

why i wanna fuck now?

why all she did was laugh?

why i told her that was my new years resolution?

why ima do it again when i see her?

why she better let me too?!

Bahama said...


Why I aint no Shep was such a freak?

Why Shep also obsessed with booty's?

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