Why Wednesday

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bammy's Why's

Why you can't pay me to watch Bad Girls Club?

Why you can't get me to watch American Idol either?

Why my new favorite saying is "cut your dick off and look for your vagina"?

Why that's gonna be my comeback to everything now?

Chrissy's Why's

why its cold as hell in this office and i swear i am so sicka these fuckas NOT turning the heater on

why lil wayne aint goin to the pen till march lmao

why they talking bout he broke a tooth

why that is called stallin

why bad girls club is my shit

why i stopped watching american idol iono how many seasons ago

why i gotta get on rupaul's drag queen race

why them is the OOGLIEST queens i ever did lay my eyes on

why i sat for a good 30 mins tryna to figure out where them ho's put they dick n ball sets

why imma stop watching these shows when my kids awake cause they too nosey

why lex walked in and goes THOSE ARE MEN??????

why she said where they put they balls momma

why i just put my head down

why them bitches had me tickled pink tho

why they revered to each other as girl, and she, and her lmao

why its this one round mouth queen on there named tyra who said I HATE GOING OUT IN PUBLIC IN DRAG IN BROAD DAYLIGHT

why i was like de fuck is the point of u being drag then if u shame

why rupaul is fierece than a muthafucka

why its too cold in here so imma stop typing


MzPurp said...

why i keep forgetting ya'll back up and runnin?

why i missedded ya'll site cuz this where it all started when i met ya'll crazy heffas?

why i don't appreciate chrissy hating on lilly's wanting to model?

why it's a blizzard here?

why i ain't never seen a blizzard before til i woke up and looked out my window?

why it ain't even visible out that b*tch?

why i'm home and not in the bed w/ some dick?

why i need some real bad?

why it's been bout 3 weeks since i had some?

why i'm not gon speak on it now mo, cuz it's just makin me want it even more?

why i'mma be back wit some more whys?

Anonymous said...

why purp live in dc or someplace like it and never seent a blizzard lmao

why imma stop complaning bout being cold cause i know yall cold up there with all that snow

why i am bored

why i hate being this bored @ work

why i guess i could do some work but that is ludacrious

why my kids told me i was pretty this morning

why i was like damn am i ugly ever other morning

why imma be back wiff some more whys once i get motivated and unbored

Bahama said...

Why Lil. Wayne got another heffa preggers?

Why he must know something that we don't?

Why he trying to bulid his own army?

Why I don't understand how a female can sleep with him .......AND not use a condom?

Ms. Lyssa said...

Why Lil. Wayne got another heffa preggers?

^^^^^^ - WHY the heck does this keep happening?

Why chicks must be getting drugged before lil wayne lay the pipe on them?

Why ugly dudes got the best pipe-laying skills though?

WHy I used to mess with this ugly dude with green eyes that laid the pipe so good it had me mumbling!

Why his stuff was so good he had me calling his phone like 3x a day?

Why was his conversation was lame but we just stopped talking all together and we would just end up in the bedroom?

Why I'm talking to another dude who ain't all that - but his kissing skills is all that!

Why every time I get with a fine dude his skills is off?

Why Imma come back with some more why's

Raider_wifee said...

Why uggy dick is sometimes thee bess??

Why they don't have to worry about making the uggy face when they come?

Why Rupaul's show is the funniest shit ever?

Why that fat dragster need a body shaper or something cause she remind me of something like an orange?

Why Ion care where they tucking they lil parasols?

Why I'm wishing Purpa warm thoughts and long dick?

Why I need to wish the same for meself?

Why this weekend I'mma act like the biggest hoe since hoes been hoeing?

Anonymous said...

why i hate the last 2 heffas that why'd bout that uggy good D lmao

Ms. Lyssa said...

Why you hatin C-snow when you know ugly d is the best!

Why this dude just slick blow me off for Valentine's weekend?

Why he try and say that he's gonna be EXTRA busy this weekend cuz he a party promoter?

Why I don't ever go to his parties cuz they lame?

Why he ask to come to my house 'to watch a movie' on thursday but gonna be MIA on the weekend?

Why I told him I'm busy and I won't be seeing him til monday?

Why his tail wondering what I'll be doing this wknd?

Why one monkey don't top my shine -and I will be chillin w/o his tial this wknd?

Why my roomate made me watch Bad Girls club yesterday?

Why the whole time I kept asking do the baddest girl win a prize or something?

Why she was like 'no'?

Why I was like, 'then what's the point of being BAD to get beat-up and spit on'?

Why I will never watch that show again cuz it's ultra-dumb?

Why if I was on Bad Girls club, I'd never be at that house?

Why does the Bad Girl house look like it smells like day-old panties and Victoria's Secret lotion?

Raider_wifee said...

LMAO @ Ms Lyssa!! Why I think she right about that smell of the house?

Why Chrissy can't hate me because of uggy peen?

Why I'mma let Chrissy marinate on 2 thread count playboy bunny sheets?

Why I would take some downright paper bag over ya head type of peen right nah?

Why my new bed needs to be broke in as much as I do?

Why I'mma have an all girls' weekend with all my patnas bitching about what our men and kids ain't doing right?

Why I'mma have the best time bitching??

Mr O Dot said...

Why I haven't been on this site in almost 2 years?

Why I havent been on any blog site in almost the same time period?

Why am I a legend, still though?

Why you two still funny as hell?

Why Bama ignored my recent email?

this sh!t better work..lmao