.....But I Don't Get It

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*Sweet N Sour Chicken - this has bothered me for years, but I have yet to come across a chicken that was both Sweet AND Sour

*Why is Nicki Minaj rapping like a woman trying to sound like a man that sounds like a woman?

*Love - Love is complicated enough between people who see each other every day. But what I don't really understand is how someone can claim they love you and have never, EVER met you. Now maybe I haven't gotten with the times as yet but that screams attachment issues to me. Or at the very least crazy as hell.

*My Love affair with Swiss Cake Rolls - I.Just.Don't.Get.It

*The stupidty of humans - Some days I totally get where Lil Wayne was coming from with his whole Martian bit....Though.......he's in a whole nother galaxy all by his lonesome.

*Lamar Odom Kardashian - did he get married for love or publicity........that is the question.

*I never understood why Valentine's Day was so damn special. If you love someone shouldn't you show them your appreciation all year long? I think it's just a way for advertisers to get more money outta you lovey dovey sucka's.

If any of you have the answers to one or more of these questions, please....PLEASE feel free to enlighten me. OR if you have some things you don't understand, share and we can be lost together.


Anonymous said...

I DONT GET THIS WHOLE TAYLOR SWIFT THING......i mean damn she ai'ight

i am with u bammy on lamar i cant get over that shit i read when they got married back in november they called his ass a prop lmao

and yes, u right valentines day is designed to make us spend money!!

tell me why imma buy my kids some candy and one of them lil singing bears tho YEAH IMMA SUCKA LOL

de fuck is the dealwith peanut butter AND jelly in the same jar who thought that was a good idea?

Ampy said...

You know I've been out of the loop with the chicken thing, so no help there.. I just think its shoddy cooking though. the tastes are supposed to be balanced but the sweet seems to always edge out the soure.. *shrug*
Love, to me, is one of those things that got over theorized through time and now lingers as a ploy for either setting up attraction or standing as a convenient ploy for manipulation.. it should be one of those human traits that shouldnt be explained because the more emphasis we put into it, the more annoying the process gets. Now, love, before first sight? shit is crazy.. rabies crazy.
I still dunno what the fuck a Kardashian is, or why their life is more entertaining than music videos.. the celebutation of accessible media is becoming very-VERY draining.. I hope the fever dies down very soon.
If it can be exploited, it will be - thats a rule of thumb. Human emotion is no exception and Valentines Day is the poster day for that especially. When you find that couples equate 'love' with material value, then you know the basis of that relationship is flawed.. sadly the VDay exercise has come so commonplace that actual cherishings (time, thought, appreciation) are jammed in the 'meaningless' file only to be deemed worthless and ridiculed when a peer shows off their Kay/Jared 'love' token.

"Sexual Chocolate!"

bshepjr said...

sunshine, you calling me out about my love for you?

and chrissy snow.............IF YOU DONT ACKNOWLEDGE ME THIS VERY INSTANT!

Bahama said...

Lmao Chrissy! The whole taylor swift thing confuddles the hell outta me too!

Lmao Ampy, bwahahahahah @ not knowing what a Kardashian is.

SHEP!!! I would never! What we have is special!!!

Raider_wifee said...

I don't get coworkers that see you working physically with their own eyes and then want to ask you are you busy...

I don't get why they had that poor Cocktail on Ray's reunion show last night.. just looking all jilted..

I don't get why Mz Berry ain't sock the shit out of somebody for making her look like a fewl..

I don't get why my ex think I can't replace a set of speakers and a stereo when that's all he had to bring to the relationship..
(shut up Chrissy)

I don't get why somebody thought it was a good idea to make turkey jerky.. was it just for the rhyming purposes??

Anonymous said...

i dont get why shep thank imma ever forget and not acknowledge his ass SUP MY NIGGA!!

i damn shole dont get why in de hell wifee keep tellin me to shutup when she mention dj'n equipment lmao

i dont get how i never knew Ampy before in my internet life....baffling to me

zillz said...

love is an emotion.

like anger.

some ppl get mad at other ppl for what they do across seas, in other countries, across the innanet.

and that's viable. why not love?

What's crazier, don't most religions adopt the whole "love first" way of thinking. Yet, we all try to put love in a box.

hmmm love is intangible. so it can never fit in a box. nor within any confines of anybody's personal rules or traditions.

Reina said...

I don't get when DC became part of the Arctic. It's too damn cold.

I don't get why I can't watching VH1 reality shows, but Mz. Berry should've knocked some teeth in starting with Ray J.

zillz said...

what i don't get how anybody can feel bad for any of those chicks on that show.

Ray J is beating all their backs in RIGHT NOW

Anonymous said...

lady gaga.....

tiz all

notch said...

i dont know why condoms are so expensive..i mean its effin rubber? dont a bag of ballons cost like a dollar? Same concept really

i dont get why some nigg*s were prada gucci, platinum chains, drive luxury cars and then still living up in they momma house? I dont know about yall..but i like to make noise when im phucking and ill be damn if ya momma come knocking on the door talking about what yall up to in there. Bitch we sexing now go to sleep!

Bahama said...

hmm, that's a good point zillz (your first post)....never thought about it that way.

But, I can't get my mind completely around that though.

LMFAO @ Notch......

Ampy said...

"i dont get why some nigg*s .. still living up in they momma house .. I dont know about yall but i like to make noise when im phucking" - Notch

My sentiments exactly. I dunno what it is about nesting thats so attractive. Sure its a clever way to save money.. but you know most niggas be in the club orderin shit they cant pronounce.. and still end up borrowing money from mommy dearest. the fuck? i say, the fuck?

this sh!t better work..lmao