2010 Why Wednesday's

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bammy's Why's

Why is Lost so damn confusing.....that's all I'm going to say on the matter

Why do I keep getting emails from online dating services, they know something I don't know?

Why I decided NOT to post my blog til Thursday cause some of you's seem HUNGRY for the why's?

Why do I love Kobe Bean Bryant and his all time high scoring Lakerness?

Why do I now have an addiction to Lil Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls?

Why I KNOW at least one of y'all remember them?

Why is there a non-straight female at my job?

Why me and her are pretty cool?

Why all the guys in the warehouse tell her how much they like, and be trying to get HER to spit game for THEM to ME?

Why they dumb as hell and ain't think she PROBABLY doesn't have their best interest at heart and MAY be trying to spit game her damn self?

Why they all just wasting their breath cause I wouldn't date not a nann one of em?

Why I'm about to go eat me one of those Swiss Cake Rolls?

Chrissy's Why's

why its so cold in here that my nose is running and my nipples are hard as lil pebbles

why i cooked bacon in the break room microwave and everybody in the office thank imma make em breakfast

why they sadly mistaken

why fa real yall i may as well be outside its so cold in here

why my bacon done got cold its so cold in here

why i like that usher and niki minaja song

why they talkin bout amber rose was in the remake of the we are the world song

why i really need to know WHY!!

why them swiss rolls are good bammy, dont they got em in chocolate and skrawberry????

why nip/tuck is a bore now

why its a good thang this the last season cause they done ran outta story ideas

why i missed bad girls club last night cause i was ironing and straight up forgot it was coming on

why i blame my kids cause it was they clothes i was ironing

why imma cop the replay

why my why's dull

why i am mad bammy talkin bout she got internet dating services sending her shit lol

why a song that was hot like 2-5 yrs ago is corny as fuck now

why some examples is its goin down by young jock and this is why i'm hot by mims

why them songs corny as fuck to me now but i jammed em hard when they came out

why i cant wait to see how hard these why's gon pop pop, POP off


Anonymous said...

why i gotta keep my ass offa media take out

why i just read on there that theresa randle the chick who was in girl 6, and sugar hill, and bad boys just married her longtime boyfren fuckin FATHER MC

why i bet dont nobody under 30 know who he is

why i wanted to marry him tho lmao

why nigga was sexy back in da day

why imma let yall marinate on them why's while i go back to mto and satisfy my gossip cravings

Anonymous said...

why i just saw a midget skripper on mto.....

why imma share the pic wiff yall so yall can gasp like i did lol

why it look like she got on some kiddie stletto's


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

damn wont let me post, just go to mto and see it lol

Bahama said...

Why am I in the ladies room whying on my phone?

Why I think that is the funniest thing in the world?

Why I gotta be on some james bond undercover mission to why on my damn blog?

Why is that hilarious to me?

Bahama said...

Why I wonder if anyone saw the New Hollywood Vanity Fair cover?

Why aint not one female of color is on the cover?

Why that's some bull!

Why Precious and Avatar were two of the best movies of last decade/year and the actress' in them didn't make the cover?

Why that's just evilness....

Why half the chicks they got on the cover ain't even relevant.

Bahama said...

why they talkin bout amber rose was in the remake of the we are the world song

^^^ lmfao I dislike you!!!

Why I'm still in the ladies room?

Why I'm not leaving til someone comes in here and drops some why's?

Bahama said...

Why it's cool. I'm use to talking to myself, it doesn't bother me one bit.

Why I got this Bacardi cup I use to drink water out of at work?

Why everyone keeps asking me if I have vodka or Bacardi in it?

Why I tell em no, of course. But one day....ima put some vodka in it for real.

Anonymous said...

why bammey killin me sittin in the shitter why'n

why callin a bathroom the shitter is so rude to me and i have only heard country yt boys say it

why fa real they said amber rose was on it

why farnsworth bentley on it too

why its like they just had an open call and said any b, c,d, z, f, j list celebs just come on out and get on the song

why u right bammy i saw that cpver and i aint recognize but like 2 of them yt girls the chick from twilight and the girl in the dear john movie and i just recognized her cause she on my show big love

why i hate when a muthafucka be standing in the lobby, and i be done already helped em but other people who work here be like have u been helped


why this one muthafucka dont do shit but go in and out this cold ass door all day long smokin

why i hate nosey coworkers

why somebody sent me a big ass boquet of flowers for my b-day and this nosey ass coworker gon ask me so, how is ya romance going

why i was like what?????

why she said the flowers the guy who sent them to you how yall doin

why i was like oh, he is just a friend

why she said a friend DOES NOT send a big ass boquet of ROSES to someone he considers just a firend

why i laffed but was seething inside cause she was all in my bidness

why i then said how u even know it was a male friend did i say it was

why she said what female friend does that

why i should go slap her ass silly but i wont lol

why this gon be one of them days i think.....

Anonymous said...

damn, why it just dawned on me that she right... that nigga had to have spent a grip on them roses

why they were so prellyful too but i missed seeing em @ they prettiest cause i was on vacation when he sent em

why they was all differnt colored roses i wanna say pink n yella n red n white, i think

why i am done talking bout the roses tho

bshepjr said...

why yall the only 2 fools why'ing?

notch said...

lol..why i was asking the same thing bsh?

why i was like what is the why hell is these two fools whying to themselves like they prison roommates?

why i hate only working part time?

why i hate it because im bored as fauk during the week and on the weekend im the only person i know working?

why i used to feel bad about not having alot of money now i dont give a shit cuz ugly boo dont do a damn thing but take the garbage out?

why one time i aint cook and he called me confused as hell talking about..wait im lost why the stove feel cold?

why i said back nigga is you sick..u better drink some water and go to sleep and dream about chicken

why i feel like a certified house wife?

Bahama said...

We no Shep.....your why'n now too! So booo!

Bahama said...

Why that was suppose to be "WhY well no"

Ms. Lyssa said...


Why that midget stripper link had me detoured on MTO for like 10 mins

why the thought of a midget stripper made me giggle.

why WAS amber rose singing we are the world!

Why my why's is lame right now, but I'mma keep the party goin

Why i got to stacks of work on my desk and ain't touched one.

why i don't feel gulity, well maybe about 10%

Why this dude trying to hollar at me on facebook.

why i don't think he's attractive but his convo is nice so I just keep talkin to him

why he think i'm the best thing since sliced bread

why he probably been with a lot of hoes in his lifetime and he aint used to nuthing better

why he bout to be real upset when I tell him i'm celibate

zillz said...

nip/tuck hasn't been the same since dude got raped in the bootycheeks.

Ampy said...

This is weird, maybe because im new, but are we supposed to comment with probable answers or add to the list of whys?

Bahama said...

Why you might just be right about that zillz?

Why ampy aint realize we just asking bunch of random querstions in a why format?

Ampy said...

Why am i just catching on, mysteriously?

Why did the Subway clerk have an attitude with me when I had to wait on THEM to realize someone was in the store?

Why do I feel like talking to customers in Olde English somedays, like 'Harken' and 'Thou Mayest' and 'No Shrews Allowed, Sayest I'?

Why do I feel like disappearing?

Anonymous said...

why my nigga shep was here and i missed it

why this ampy dude killin me lmao

why its cool tho i am just sayin he all new to the why's and its funny to me

why its friday and its 2 new posts up after this one but i still came here 1st

this sh!t better work..lmao