Stand-Up Guys

Thursday, February 4, 2010

“Sitting home waiting for you, cause staring at these walls is all I can do” © - Kima, Keisha or Pam

Just about every female has been there, and she knows what I mean when I say that it is one of the worse feelings in the world. You get dressed, waiting on your date/man to come…an hour rolls by…..another hour rolls by, by this point either your seething or highly concerned. You call him, no answer. Pissed, is the emotion. The next morning the call comes. Maybe you answer it, maybe you don’t. But from that day on whenever you get dressed to go on another date, that little evil bitch ass voice in the back of your head is going to be saying “You know that nugga ain’t gon’ show up right?”

So fella’s, this list is for you. Because apparently men still stand women up:


Standing a female up usually spells death to a relationship. Especially if you don’t call. It may not be in the next few days but it will be one of the determining reasons later on down the line. Unless y’all have had sex and your dick game is proper. Then really all the rules go out the window. But if you haven’t, you probably won’t then. And really….you guys won’t stick around if there’s no sex, will you?

Give a Fuck-less.

She doesn’t care what the reason is….all she knows is, you made her get dressed, do her hair, get beautified and you didn’t even show up. Let me take you through the process:

First we have to decide what we want to wear. This is a task that can take up most of the time. We need to plan for every event, what pants to wear…should I wear underwear? Well if I do, I have to change pants…Do my boob’s look too small in this top? Got to find another one…..oh great it doesn’t go with the pants I have on.

We put a lot of effort into getting dressed when we go on a date. A LOT, and it goes all down the drain cause you decide you wanted to do whatever. I say this all to say, save the excuse no matter what it is. Don’t give the lame ol I’m sorry either. *do something different* (that’s a freebie, I just gave you)

Ain't worth a turd

So I hear through the grapevine that you guys are tired of hearing that saying “Nigga’s ain’t shit”? Well here is one certified way to not ever hear it again........... Don’t stand a female up. Plain and simple.

**You guys are on your own for the rest of the crap that contributes the nigga’s ain’t shit movement though.

Got a big ego, such a HUGE ego

Most women are very confident, whether it’s deserved or not. We don’t like to show it too much or let on, but we know. As confident as we are in that we are just as fragile. They probably don’t want me to you that. But it’s true, and I speak nothing but truth. And you don’t want to be one of the dents in a beautiful woman’s ego do you? There’s no coming back from that. You’ll scar her and she’ll never be able to look at you OR any other man the same. You don't want that on your conscious do you? I didn't think so.

"Once a good girl goes bad, she's gone forever" the instant we lose that bit of our confidence we'll never get it back.

So men, the next time you're about to stand a woman up.......Think about these things before you do.

**emails this to the guy that stood me up last**


Knowledge of The Union said...

to be fair, men go thru the same ish, If we REALLY care about the date. Now with that out of the way, lol at all the work y'all do to get dressed. We have the same thought process, just not in nearly as much detail. I don't understand standing people up, it's a level of disrespect that I can't fathom

Bahama said...

Why ask someone out on a date if you don't care? My mind can't grasp asking someone out and/or accepting a date, if I didn't really want to see that person again. So I thought it would be understood that you (men) would care. And to be honest? I didn't know ppl STILL that, standing someone up? What are we, teeneagers?
Thanks for the comment though!

bshepjr said...

next time we go on a date, ima stand you up bammy, get ready.

Bahama said...

You wouldn't dare Shep!

Knowledge of The Union said...

I think you're misunderstanding what I said. I meant that when stood up, we go through the same stuff that you described

Bahama said...

No, I got that. I just didn't adress it lol. I can't speak on that. I've never stood a guy up and last time I checked I wasn't a guy. So I just spoke from a ladies point of view. And let's face it, men stand women up more. But I'm sure you guys go thru the same things.

Knowledge of The Union said...

Men stand up women more? If you say so, but from my own experience, and talking to other men and women too, that's not what I've seen. As for the teenage shit from your first reply, that's the root cause. Mishandled emotions. Cats are mad about some shit that someone else did to em a while ago, and they take it out on their next date in a juvenile attempt to regain the power the person in their past took from them.

Ampy said...

I liked this little peek into the female mind, and Im shocked that it's still something that happens too.. as well as violent relationships- but thats another matter.
One thing I thought though, and maybe it's a case of letting your gaurd down, doesnt the intuition thing kick in when you're iffy about a guy? As in what to/how much to expect from a guy? Is it that the ego-scars you speak of grow towards that, therein initiating the "Niggas aint shit" thing and increasing your skepticism?

On what KTU alluded to, we do go through the same but thats always a lazy rebuttal because men would quickly toss any preset stigmas once a new proposition arises.. so. yeah.

liked it.

Anonymous said...

ummmm i forgot my pernt cause yall got all serious on me YALL KNOW I DONT DO SERIOUS TOO WELL.....

UMMMMMMMM....oh yeah this what i was finna say to Ampy, HELL YEAH WE REALLY GET INTO THE WHOLE OUTFIT THANG....its like the day yall ask us out we like ok so what imma wear.....from the hair, to the shoes we be like ok this outfit here gon make him think i am a bore, but this shirt with these jeans gon make him thank imma slut so imma wear this skirt with these heels and swoop my hair up and wear a titty top and a jacket over it so i wont look too easy.....yup, that is how we think!! lol

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